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A show of hands to explore disability.
23 January 2012 Andrew Dawson has nice hands, and he knows it. By Elizabeth Landau, CNN


I was very excited to be given the opportunity to give 3 short talks inspired my The Articulate Hand at the latest TED MED conference.

All of the three talks are now online.

My first talk about Debbie and her bionic hand.
With a short Q&A with Jay Walker.

My second talk about Ian Waterman who lost his movement and position sense in space; he lost his proprioception. And you can see a short Q&A with Jay Walker.

In my third talk I explain how the practice of Feldenkrais leads to self-awareness in movement and in life, and demonstrate this through a simple but effective hand exercise that you can try at home.

I also look forward to sharing some time with Kodi Azari, the hand transplant surgeon and hearing his fascinating stories.

The World Science Festival
3 June 2011, 8pm
at The Galapagos Arts space,
Brooklyn 11201
You can see four films from the festival here